Tex Terry 

Bad Man of the Movies

This website is dedicated to the memory and career of Edward Earl "Tex" Terry, a veteran of b-western movies. A native of Coxville Indiana in scenic Parke County, Tex Terry was known in Hollywood as a "heavy". He played the role of the bad guy, often uncredited, but always effective. His epitaph proudly proclaims him the "Bad Man of the Movies", but folks in Parke County Indiana will tell you that he was the nice guy who returned to Coxville after retiring from films, never forgetting his roots, and who wanted to be "buried in the weeds" back home.

We hope you enjoy this look at Parke County's western actor hero. TexTerry.com is a work in progress and will include links and items of interest about Parke County Indiana including its covered bridges and festivals.

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